IE Sports Net is the Inland Empire’s #1 Sports Media outlet for businesses to reach a targeted audience of thousands of hyper-connected consumers. Sponsoring IE Sports Net can help your organization increase brand awareness, be positioned as a business leader, launch new products and more.

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Fontana Mayor Acquanetta Warren Scholarship Winner


IE Sports Net’s creative services team will work with you to determine the highest impact solution for your brands needs and budget, across the following areas:

  • Events: Multi-Sport All-Star games, Youth Sports, Charitable Giving Drives
  • Exhibition: Booths, Pop-Ups, Live-Remotes, Emotion-evoking Campaigning
  • Digital: Branded Content, Social Media Advertising, Campaigns and Contests
  • On-Air: Radio Ads, Host mentions, interactive links, Brand association


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IE Sports Net - The Inland Empire Sports Authority.. (Radio) FOX Sports Radio 1350AM - TV (KVMD TV) Check your local listings.

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