King of the Cage ‘Point of Impact’

We recently visited San Manuel Casino to enjoy King of the Cage – Point of Impact! As always, KOTC didn’t disappoint. The event was very entertaining and showcased some really good fighters from the Inland Empire.

Here are the results: King of the Cage ‘Point of Impact’


Bout #1 Carl Culpepper VS Anthony McDonald Winner: Anthony McDonald via TKO at 5:00 of round 1 (Culpepper could not answer the bell)

Bout #2 Aaron Williams VS Rob Gooch Winner: Rob Gooch via Submission (Anaconda Choke) at 0:36 of round 1

Bout #3 Professional) Eric Steans VS Sam Liera Winner: Sam Liera via TKO at 4:06 of round 2

Bout #4 Nikki Lowe VS Danielle Taylor Winner: Danielle Taylor via Submission (Armbar) at 4:22 of round 1

Bout #5 Diman Morris VS Daniel Hernandez Winner: Daniel Hernandez via TKO at 1:12 of round 1

Bout #6 KOTC Jr Welterweight Championship Bout Aaron Wetherspoon VS Joshua Aveles **Champion** Winner: Joshua Aveles via TKO at 2:48 of round 2 Still KOTC


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